Baling Wire

We help you find the correct baling wire or bale ties

BE Equipment offers a large array of baling wire and bale ties; but more importantly we will help you determine the correct type of baling tie/baling wire for your equipment and application.  Below is a list of the basic types of wire that we offer.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help selecting the correct wire or cardboard baler wire.

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Single Loop Bale Ties

  • Highest quality wire meeting all manufacturer strength specifications
  • Ideal for companies that hand tie their bales, including recyclers, retailers, packagers and municipalities
  • Pre-cut in lengths of 6 to 24 feet with one side pre-looped and twisted
  • Bundles available in 125 or 250 pieces per bundle
  • Painted bale ties, galvanized bale ties, black bale ties

Double Loop (Square Lock) Bale Ties

  • For applications requiring high strength, heavy gauge bale ties
  • Easy to feed and snap together
  • Available in 9 to 14 gauge sizes
  • Manufactured to exact size per inch

Auto Tie Coiled Box Baling Wire

  • Used primarily for Automatic Single Ram balers, to produce heavier, denser bales
  • Black annealed wire is manufactured specifically for tensile strength and superior elongation
  • The oiled surface prevents rust and ensures smooth trouble free feeding through your baler
  • Available in 9 to 12 gauge sizes and in 50 lb and 100 lb boxes

Auto Tie Stem/Carrier Wire – Black Annealed Baling Wire

  • This black annealed wire is the same as box wire but is shipped coiled continuously on 1200-1800 lb carriers
  • Used for higher production automatic single ram auto-tie balers

Galvanized Hi-Tensile Baling Wire

  • For two-ram balers with strapper style tiers
  • Engineered for baling applications requiring wire with superior strength and elongation
  • Manufactured from special high tensile wire stock
  • Large inventories of all sizes and coated with a smooth, galvanized finish
  • Shipped coiled continuously on carriers (stems) weighing 1200-1800 lbs

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